Why lab grown diamonds are better?

Why lab grown diamonds are better?

As we all know that the comparison in between lab grown diamonds vs. real diamonds are still in practice, both of them have their unique specialties with slight differences.

Both of them have both advantages and disadvantages and it is up to us on which one to choose according to our desires.

One of the major difference in between them is natural diamonds are formed under the Earth for many years before they are dug up on the surface of the Earth. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are created in labs with the support of extreme heat and pressure.

If we look at the popularity of both kinds of diamonds, then the lab diamonds are increasingly popular and may outnumber the real diamonds in the future.

Here are some reasons as to why many people prefer lab diamonds over real diamonds:

  • Price: It is absolutely clear that the prices of the real diamonds are going to be more than the lab grown diamonds. The reason is that the original diamonds are very rarely found on this planet and is mined which requires a lot of money. But, the lab diamonds are 50% of the price than the real diamonds as they are made in high quality machineries.
  • Durability: Lab-grown diamonds have the same durability when compared to the real diamonds. So, they are as hard as the real ones and cannot be broken down easily into pieces.
  • Time: As the lab grown diamonds are created in diamond labs they only take several weeks in order to make into different shapes. On the other hand, real diamonds take billions of years to form and is mined which is time- consuming.
  • Sustainability: Man-made diamonds are more sustainable than the original ones, as they do less harm to the environment. The original diamonds are mostly prone to more environmental damages as mining releases a lot of pollutants into the air.

These are the major reasons in which a lab grown diamond is better than the real diamonds.

Furthermore, if you are looking for the best quality lab grown diamonds, then lab grown diamonds UK is one of the best options.

In conclusion, it is usually hard to tell which one is better than the other, but it varies from person to person. Now, the choice is yours and you can even buy both kinds if you have enough budget and desire to buy.

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