Which sport is the best for children?

Which sport is the best for children?

Movement is necessary for children – it is essential for their physical and mental development. Tim sports such as basketball and water polo help children channel energy while building physical health and learning teamwork skills.

In addition to enabling children to be active in a fun and healthy way, sports are important because they teach children essential lessons: they learn how to be team members, how to communicate with teammates, but also adults, how to cope with stressful situations, mistakes and failures, how to be leaders etc.

One or more sports?

Experts claim that it is not overly important what sport children play, as long as they participate. And it’s not good to stick to just one sport. Children should try as many different sports as possible for several reasons: they won’t know what they like best if they don’t try. Also, different sports will enable children to develop various physical skills and be more flexible. Changing sports will expose children to a variety of situations and people. Lastly, training only one sport can expose children to constant injuries in the same places, which is not the case when changing sports.

Choosing the type of sport for children is an important decision for parents. Some children are more inclined to team sports, while a certain number of children prefer individual sports.

The choice of sport also depends on the child’s build, and some children will prefer to do less demanding sports, while some prefer more physically demanding sports.

So how can a parent help a child choose a sport that will align with his needs and interests?

The primary advice for parents is to follow their child’s interests and make the final decision together with the children. Not every child is destined for competitions and top results, but in a wide range of sports, there is undoubtedly at least one that will suit your child.

With that in mind, here are suggestions for various sports:

Swimming is perhaps the best exercise for children because it involves engaging more muscle groups in an environment that do not burden the joints. Swimming is fun for children because children love water, and the activity itself is not difficult for them because they feel more comfortable in the water. The benefits of swimming are numerous, and swimming is a sport that the whole family can practise. Doctors advise that children learn to swim at an early age, especially those with respiratory problems and children who have issues with stuttering because they develop lungs and learn proper breathing techniques.

Sports schools are for the younger age.

Kindergarten children are recommended athletes who combine several sports for several reasons: it is not wise to direct children of that age to one physical activity for the sake of overall physical development; Kindergarten children are still not mentally mature enough to play team sports – they play for themselves and are usually unaware of what other team members are doing, and their concentration is still not developed enough to follow particular activities continuously.

Team sports – for older children.

In addition to developing coordination of movements, fitness and physical fitness, team sports are also crucial for the child’s psychological development. Football, basketball, water polo, volleyball and similar marks are more suitable for older children. It is known that children who play these sports are more motivated and show a greater degree of initiative in all respects. Also, children expand the circle of friends learn responsibilities, both according to the training obligations and according to the team. Suppose you want your child to grow into an adaptable and stable adult. In that case, you should encourage him to choose one of these sports because he will learn important life values, learn to deal with victories and defeats, and help shy children not to feel isolated and to overcome withdrawal.

Martial arts – for channelling energy

It is known that martial arts are recommended for children with excess energy and those who need help with channelling anger because, especially boys, they have the opportunity to learn self-control and discipline. On the other hand, martial arts are recommended for an opposite type of character. Children who withdraw and do not get into conflicts because martial arts give them a dose of self-confidence and a sense of control necessary for overall and healthy mental development.

Sports with music

These sports strengthen muscles help coordinate balance but also flexibility in children. Dance, ballet, jazz ballet and gymnastics are especially popular with girls who quickly gain a sense of rhythm. With music, they can more quickly master the demanding movements performed.

Children have the opportunity to explore the limits of their endurance and to express themselves through movement, which is very important, especially at an early age.

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And, for the end – Sports for girls and sports for boys?

The prejudice that ballet is for girls and football solely for boys and that girls and boys should be separated in physical education classes at school – that’s right, just a prejudice!

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